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Scrapbook Design Ideas: Preserve Your Most Precious Memories

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Scrapbooking is a great way in which you can compile and preserve the most precious memories of your life for you to reminisce and share with others. If you are planning to make your own scrapbook, then you are surely going to have a lot of fun in the process. Here are some great scrap book design ideas which you can use in your scrap book and add more style to the piece.

Cards – Normally, scrap books will be full of cards where you can flip open and place notes about the certain item in the book. If you have good ideas for card making then you can have fun with the styles and designs of your cards.

Miniature Paper Flowers – Another common scrapbook design that adds a lot of style to your scrap books. Miniature paper flowers can certainly compliment the great memories you have in your scrapbook, particularly the items of friendship, love and other things where flowers might seem appropriate.

Paper die cuts – You might be thinking that scrapbooking paper die cuts can be expensive. There is no need to worry, there are numerous ways you can perform paper die cuts yourself to save money and there are a lot of instructional videos out there that can show you exactly how you can do them. It’s not hard at all; just a little sleight of hand and a splash of creativity and you might even do other scrapbooking decors than just paper die cuts.

Bring Back a Little of the Past with Crystal Bead Bracelets

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Everyone has nostalgia about the past.  In the past, everything seemed simpler, less complicated.  Life’s joys were easily attainable and people took pleasure out of simple things.  Life is not like that any more.  And it does no good to reminisce about the past and forget about now.  So why not pay tribute to the past in the way that you dress?  Go out and buy a timeless little black dress.  And accent it with a fashion tote bag.  Tote bags are huge, but they come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs.  Pick out a bag that is plain, and imprint your own picture on it.  It could be a picture of your parents, or grandparents, a picture of your favorite city 50 years ago, but make it your own.

Instead of a tote, you could always get one or two discount designer handbags.  Many of these handbags are very simple and chic.  Things in the past were simple, so why not keep it that way with your bag?  Pick out a simple silver clutch, or a black sleek purse.  Either of these would be a great addition to any look.

Lastly, to complete your look from the past, throw on some crystal bead bracelets.  These things are elegant, simple, and not very expensive.  This is the perfect finishing touch for any outfit.  With your simple black dress, simplistic tote, and faux crystal bracelets, you are paying tribute to the classics in a fun way.

Infomercial Products Right to Your Door

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            It’s happened to everyone.  You see a song, or a commercial for something, or a product on TV, and you want it.  And you promise yourself that you’ll write it down and look it up on the internet and order it, later.  And then you forget the name, or can’t remember the website or phone number.  It can be frustrating.  But now there are stores in malls, and websites that carry infomercial products and more. 

            These stores and websites are a dream come true.  They realize that people are busy and can’t always remember what they see on TV.  So they carry everything from as seen on TV music to as seen on TV sunglasses.   Get an old cd that you listened to in high school, or rock some new shades that just came out last week. 

Products on TV always look so cool.  But sometimes they are not all they are cracked up to be.  These stores give you the opportunity to look at the products you’ve seen on TV and see if they are really what they were advertised as.  Then, you can decide if the product is worth your money or not. 

            It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager looking for the newest ipod, or a middle age man wanting to buy some time life music to remember the past, these stores have a large variety of products, all that have been shown on TV at some point in time.