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New Duvet for the household

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Guest post written by Wendy Phillips

I know that one of the least of my worries right now should be the comforter that we’re going to have on our bed once we get married and moved into our new house. But, the thing is that I saw this one comforter in this bed and breakfast that we stayed at a few months ago and it was so adorable that I wanted to try and find one just like it. I even asked the person at the desk of the B&B and they told me that it was an antique comforter, which pretty much dashed my hopes of finding an identical one.

So I’m making one just like it as a side project to help me cool off and reduce my stress from all the wedding planning. I went online to try and figure out how to make a duvet cover, since this will be my first.

I picked out this light blue soft fabric that’s going to be so great once I get it all sewn and together.

Crystal Cuff Bracelet

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Most women like to accessorize with a number of jewelry and items. One of the most common ones includes the crystal cuff bracelet. These bracelets are very popular because they are very stylish and can be worn to any occasion without looking out of place. Crystal bracelets are also on a league of their own because they not only accessorize your look but can also be used to make you look better. These bracelets come in different shapes and sizes and so they can appeal to all kind of fashion tastes.

You can buy Swarovski crystal wholesale if you want to get good jewelry at affordable costs. Most of the distributors are willing to give you huge discounts if you buy their products in huge amounts. Wholesale buying is also a good way for you to get different varieties of accessories without spending a fortune. Wholesale buying from a manufacturer is a good way for you to get guaranteed quality products. And if you buy wholesale, you can even resell some of these beautiful pieces of jewelry and make good profit.

Accessorizing your crystal bracelets involves a number of things and one of those may include the purse hanger. These accessories can all be found at all things trendy. Most of the accessories can be matched with different bracelets to bring out a new style. You should try different accessories and see the one that suits you and you are comfortable with. When it comes to style, you should know that not every style can suit you.

Plus-Size Fashion for Women

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Gone are the days when it was difficult to find suitable clothing for big women. Plus size fashion is often used to describe fashion that is meant for full figured women.  If you are a full figured woman, one fashion tip that you need to consider is to go for black since you can never go wrong with it. For example, you may seek jeans wholesalers who can provide you with dark colored jeans. When you wear black, you create some kind of optical illusion that the body is slender that in real life. For this reason, you are able to look as a size four or lower just by wearing black.

As a full figured woman, it is also a good idea to keep off horizontal prints. Apparel showroom can provide you with a number of other options if you need them. It should be noted that fashion is not as straightforward as it seems and thus the use of illusion to fake an appearance is very common. The different prints and patterns on your clothes can give an illusion that you are skinnier or fatter. If you have horizontal prints, you may give the illusion that you are fat.

To look good and appealing as a full figured woman, you may have to accessorize with different accessories such as hats, necklaces and bangles. The hat is particularly important as it can be used to give our face a different shape. You can buy wholesale hats from a variety of supplies all over the internet.

Choosing the Best Spray Tan Equipment

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If you are thinking of starting a spray tanning business, you will need to locate and purchase the best spray tan equipment.  The best place to shop for spray tan equipment is  They carry the best spray tan equipment.  HVLP airbrush spray tan equipment uses the newest technology to give you a quick spray tan.  With this technology, it is easy to get a golden bronze tan in less than six minutes.  Salons love to utilize the HVLP spray tan equipment for several reasons.  Those reasons include that it is simple to use, very affordable and does not allow for over spraying.

Artesian Tan offers several kinds of airbrush tanning kit.  From a starter kit to a professional grade kit, Artesian Tan has it all.  The starter kit comes with a spray tan machine, sunless tanning solution,KahunaBay barrier cream and pH balancing prep spray.  This machine is ideal for those just starting out or for home use.  The Maxi Mist Gemstone Sunless Mobile Start-Up Kit is perfect for those who want to move their kit with ease from home to salon and back.  It comes with a Maxi Mist Gemstone machine,KahunaBay prep spray, sunless tanning solutions, sunless barrier cream, cleaner and touchup spray with face extender.

The great thing about the products that Artesian Tan offers is that they give you a safe and natural looking tan without any health risks at all.  That is just something you cannot pass up.

Get Active With A Mountain Buggy Stroller

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The ability of strollers to go off-road cannot be understated. Older models of prams were purely designed for pavement rides and could easily spoil when exposed to a more challenging environment. Well, things have just gotten better, because the mountain buggy strollerenables you to conquer the urban jungle and ride with relative ease. This kind off-road success is achieved through a lockable front swivel wheel for easy maneuvering and air filled tires for a smoother ride and comfort. You can just find the right kind of strollers at many online stores like

While, going off road, you can still take your velocity and acceleration to the next level. For you to achieve this, you need a baby jogger strollerthat is designed to withstand motion at greater speeds. While moving at a higher speed, the baby stroller doesn’t compromise on comfort as the child has got a padded seat reclines with multiple position for superior comfort at high speed. As the rider, you are also not forgotten, as the handle consists of padded foam handle for more comfort as you push.

Aside from the off road capability of the strollers, ergonomics is also not overlooked. These strollers are designed and finished in hand crafted leather with artisan craftsmanship makes them not only attractive but also durable. Particularly, the inglesina pram boasts of extreme ergonomics and craftsmanship yet adds in features that also increase functionality. For example it has thick padded interiors that are soft to touch yet can easily be removed and cleaned in case the child messes up. The stroller also comes with a matching diaper bag for carrying diapers, wipes, clothes and bottles.

Selecting the Best Nike Men Running Shoes

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There are many people who do their exercise and other physical activities on a daily basis. It is essential that you should wear the right shoes and they should be flexible enough. Youngsters who are fond of playing basketball need to keep moving their body on a continuous basis and therefore they need to purchase Nike men running shoes. These are easily available  and you can get them in a cheaper price. People often get bewildered and they are unable to select the best running shoes. These Nike men basketball shoes have been designed with the latest technology and they are elastic as well. It is essential that you should have a lot of support while running and therefore you need to get for yourself the best size.


People are recommended that they should focus on the cushioning aspect as well. You need to focus on several aspects through which the risk of shock and injury can be reduced to a greater extent. In order to enhance the running efficiency, you need to purchase these Jordan sneakers for men and that are easily available at Foot jams. These shoes are manufactured from the latest cushioning technologies and they can absorb the shocks at a faster pace. These shoes would provide you with a greater flexibility and comfort level too. This is one of the best ways through which you can give the best performance while running and playing basketball. You can think of these shoes at the racing flats.