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How to Wear Swarovski Jewelry

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Swarovski jewelry is one of the most popular cut crystal jewelries these days. These little crystal pieces are not only used for accessories, but as well as embellishments for gowns, dresses and even shoes. If you’re trying to look more posh and sophisticated in your outfit, then this kind of jewelry should be part of your ensemble. Swarovski pieces can also be found in other jewelry structures, such as an Austrian crystal bracelet, where they serve as highlights of the bangle.

There are many ways to wear Swarovski crystal pieces. You can wear them as bracelets, as they add a touch of glitter to any kind of outfit. These crystals match casual getups, but they are more effective on party dresses as they help you stand out from the crowd you’re in. Another way to wear this kind of crystal accessory is by using it as a brooch. A brooch gives the dress a new definition, and as well makes your outfit unique. You can also use the crystals as earrings, as they work well as studs especially on young girls. Meanwhile, if you are looking to add a custom touch to your outfit, then you can have the crystals sown into your dress, just like they do in designer gowns.

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Run Your Own Home Based Business By Purchasing Goods Through Wholesale Stores

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With today’s fluctuating economy, we all need a back up source of income in case of an emergency. This is why many people are starting to build and run their own home based businesses to add a little extra savings on top of their monthly income. Clothes is one of the best options you will have when you want to start a business, you can search for wholesale jackets and wholesale pants and resell them through your website.

To start your home based business, make sure that you have a reliable Internet connection, a computer or a laptop and a website. If you run a clothing business, try to sort them in collections such as a summer collection or a winter collection. If you do not have your own means of creating your own line just yet, you have the option to purchase clothes from a wholesale supplier. Just make sure that the wholesale supplier offers the latest trends in fashion, you may also want to read through the seller’s purchasing policies as some of these sellers requires a minimum amount per order. Also, ensure that the seller you would want to purchase form is legitimate by reading through their feedbacks and reviews.

Things To Consider When Buying A Car Seat Stroller

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Car seat strollers are one of the most important things you will need to provide for your children. These will make sure that your children are properly buckled up inside your car while you are travelling. Many countries around the world follows a seat belt law both for the adults and children. This was in response to the alarming high rate of injuries and deaths due to poor car restraints when a car accident occurs. Nowadays, there are a lot of manufacturers offering modern car seat strollers with unique features, some of the popular ones are Britax car seats, Graco, Chicco and Peg Perego Stroller.

Many people assume that buying the most expensive one will give you the best quality possible. While it is true that highly priced car seats offer good quality, there are also brands out there that offer the same quality with a comparatively lower price. If you are on a tight budget, it is advisable to purchase a car seat stroller package, this will ensure that the seat will fit the stroller snuggly to avoid any accidents from occurring. Always double check the weight capacity of the stroller as stroller frames are only able to support a certain weight.

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Are Tanning Beds Addictive?

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Article submitted by Artesian Tan.

Why do so many people still use tanning beds despite the well-known cancer risk and the possibility of wrinkles? Can UV tanning become an addiction? Just like drugs, alcohol, food and sex, researchers are finding that UV tanning can in fact become an addiction.

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According to an article in The New York Times, scientists have found that ultraviolet radiation can become addictive, similar to a drug addiction. The reason for this is that while people tan, the same parts of the brain are stimulated that are active in drug addiction. Ultraviolet radiation stimulates the production of endorphins which can create a feeling of euphoria in the brain. This study showed that in the test groups where the UV rays were purposely blocked without the participants’ knowledge, they could feel the difference. The participants were typically agitated post-tan and still craved a tan when the UV rays were blocked. The scientists were able to conclude that the participants had a physical addictive reaction to tanning beds.

If this isn’t good enough evidence to avoid the tanning bed and opt instead for spray tanning, then I don’t know what is. We’ve all heard that too much sun can be dangerous, but now there is proof that it can become a full-blown addiction. Instead of putting yourself at risk, why not look into the alternative of spray tanning. Spray tanning offers many options such as airbrush tanning. There are many airbrush tanning products that are not only safe, but many are now made with organic ingredients to help preserve your health.

We all know the importance of taking care of our health when it comes to nutrition and exercise, but we must also work to maintain our mental and emotional health. Addiction can be a powerful force which can cause significant damage in our lives. Traditional tanning is simply not worth the physical, mental and emotional health risks. Check out your local tanning salon for a list of the airbrush tanning lotion choices. Your skin and your brain will appreciate it in the long run!