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Fashion Merchandising Minus the Risks

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Written by: Daily Makeover Beauty Board

Do you believe you have what it takes to become the next fashion merchandising mogul? Are you interested in the world of fashion? Do you like to follow the latest trends and the glitz and glamour of international fashion weeks? Then why not explore setting on the entrepreneurial path of fashion retail?

While the foundations of building a fashion house would require a passion for fashion, actually building the designs and getting the brand up there requires expensive training and a wide network of business contacts that not everyone is fortunate enough to have. With fashion merchandising though, you can build a business simply on your interest in fashion and equip yourself with the very basic compliance requirements of running a business. Basically, you can make money off your hobby and share your interest with your local community!


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If you are all set for fashion retail, then you should know a few things. First, the big fashion brands will be reluctant to deal with small time retailers and they would require bulk orders or sales targets that could put you into bankruptcy if mishandles. Second, though dealing with these big brands can be difficult, dealing with a wholesale clothing mart is much easier. They have the nice brands in stock and you can take smaller batches of clothes to have a sustainable business. Third, these wholesalers are now even accessible via the internet! They have online showrooms where you can browse through the designs that you would like to sell. They offer affordable shipping as well!

Living In the City: How I Learned to Love the Sneaker

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The times have changed for me. What can I say? Where my eyes were once drawn to workman’s boots, I find myself looking for signs such as “Chucks on sale”. It has been a bit of a transformation. Allow me to explain.

I grew up on a farm. And we’re talking about the sort of get up at the crack of dawn, milk the cows, feed the chickens, early to bed type place. The animals I grew up around had a function and purpose rather than companionship. Truth is, a pair of Puma suede shoes wouldn’t have lasted very long in that environment. Those days it was strictly boots, from cowboy to steel toe. Boots were the shoes of a working farm. I ran in them, worked in them, lived in them.

But upon leaving the homestead and moving to Southern California for school, the summer months really weren’t geared for a pair of cowboy boots. Besides, a standard form of attire in California are shorts. And they do look pretty silly when matched with a pair of pointy, leather, calf high boots. Thanks to my dorm mate all those years ago, my footwear has changed and I’ll probably never go back. He was the one that gave me my first pair of Vans as a Christmas present. And though it took me awhile to get used to them, including a pair of sore calves in the process, I can’t imagine walking without a pair of sneakers these days.

Look, I don’t mean to put down boots. They definitely have their uses. And I still have a pair of steel toes in my closet for jobs that require them. The thing is, they just aren’t my daily attire anymore. They have now become tools for a specific purpose rather than shoes to live in. I still have a horse and I ride her frequently. There’s a pair of cowboy boots for that purpose. But as soon as I’m off of her back, the sneakers go right back on.

To be honest, my adherence to sneakers these days revolves around one thing and one thing only. They’re just that much more comfortable. A rubber soul gives less shock than walking on leather. Canvas breathes in summertime where leather can’t. I can move my toes and stretch my feet in Chucks easier than I can in Tony Lama’s. All in all, for pure comfort, I choose sneakers over boots.

Visiting home this last year, I went with my current style. I can’t say how validating it was to have my father look at my shoes and say, “They sure look comfortable”. Yup Pop, how right you are. How so right you are.


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Advantages Of Getting A Professional Spray Tan

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Although supplies of spray tanning products and spray tanning kits are readily available in the market, some people prefer to have a professional spray tan simply because they could not do it properly themselves. Spending a couple of dollars for a professional spray tan is not so bad at all. You will get optimum results and numerous advantages with less chances of having a tanning nightmare.

Most, if not all, tanning spas are in-tune with the latest developments in the tanning industry. This said, you can expect to see new tanning machines that are built to deliver better and faster results. In a professional tanning spa, each client will have an assigned technician or attendant to evenly spray the body. Highly trained attendants may also do a custom six-pack abs or accentuate your muscles if desired. Depending on which region you reside on, professional airbrush tanning services may range from $25 to $50. This, however, usually comes with additional services such as moisturizing products and so on. Best of all, you do not have to clean up after a tanning session!

A Pampered Lifestyle

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If you’ve ever been to the salon for hours and hours on end, getting your hair done while getting a simultaneous pedicure and manicure, and getting a facial on top of that, then you know that it can be a very grueling experience. Truth be told, most of the discomfort comes from the lack of proper support and cushioning for your body for extended periods of time – which is why some come home with a sore back after long salon days. Some just can’t simply afford that discomfort.

A good pedicure chair, for example, is supposedly designed to properly angle your body such that it does not make your legs feel numb, over extended stationary positions. It’s also supposed to help ease the tension in your back and your buttocks with its cushioning – which is usually neglected by some salon owners. All of these issues can be addressed; in fact there are products out there that outright are the solutions for these issues themselves — specialized salon and spa equipment have now surfaced in the market providing ample comfort (such as integrated memory foam technology which aptly adapts to your curves and body structure so that it can provide each square inch of your body with the right support), technology (such as automatic mechanical movement) and eye-pleasing aesthetics (such as wooden finishes) which can rightly suit any ambience or atmosphere that will definitely delight customers – leaving them feeling at home, making them want to come back for some more pampering.

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