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The Do’s and Don’ts of Shoes

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Picking out shoes is a serious matter because people judge you based on your appearance and clothing choices.  It can be difficult to decide which pair of shoes matches your individual style.  Whether you’re trying on shoes in the store or buying from a streetwear online store, here are some cardinal rules to follow when picking out a pair.

For fashion:

1) Avoid being too matchy matchy: There are many misconceptions as far as matching colors go.  You don’t ever want to wear one solid color from your head down to your feet.  For example, if you have on a red dress, you don’t want to wear red shoes.  Black especially can look overwhelming if worn all over the body.  Instead, find colors that blend well and don’t oppose each other.  For example, if you wear a blue shirt, pair it with a different shade of blue on your shoes.

2) Utilize color to add some oomph: If you’re wearing a particularly plain outfit, you can add some excitement to your look by wearing loud shoes.  For example, when wearing neutral colored clothes such as black, white, gray, or tan, you can pair your outfit with some brightly colored shoes like red, orange, or yellow.  You can also find shoes with funky patterns to add a little gusto to your look.

3) Follow these simple color rules: Essentially you should choose shoe colors that match your clothes and that don’t compete with your clothes.  If you wear a multi-colored outfit with a design on it, choose a tone that goes with one of the colors in the pattern or design.  You should also think about when and where it’s appropriate to wear certain looks.  For example, in a professional setting, you should wear more neutral colored shoes such as brown and black.

Seasonal rules:

1) Spring: You should wear certain colors and looks in certain seasons only.  Spring is one season where there is some flexibility.  You can wear both winter and summer shoes during this time of year depending on the weather.

2) Summer: Summer calls for light shoes such as sandals.  You don’t want to wear heavy shoes like boots.

3) Fall: Your wardrobe typically changes during the fall which means it’s not suitable for sandals and light shoes.  Sandals don’t typically go with the heavier materials and colors that are worn during autumn.  However, tennis shoes work most of the year.  You can find the best skate shoes and wear them all year long.

4) Winter: You want to go for practical shoes during the winter such as loafers, flats, boots, and tennis shoes.


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Should You Bring Your Car Seat When Riding A Plane?

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The use of a toddler car seat is highly enforced to protect a child from injuries and even death in case of a car crash. Due to the rise of child deaths from car accidents during the early 2000, laws have been implemented all throughout the United States to protect the children. As long as a child is inside a moving vehicle, car seat strollers should be installed to give them proper restraints. This said, it should also be a habit to bring along your car seat when you travel via an airplane.

Do airlines allow car seats to be installed inside an aircraft? Of course they do! There are even airline companies that offer an affordable infant fare as totting a car seat will mean that you will need to pay for an extra seat. Just make sure that your car seat is safe to use on board a plane by checking if it has an FAA approved sticker. This only means that the car seat has passed the inversion test wherein your child will stay buckled up even when it is turned upside down.


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Seasonal Decorating: Fall Bedroom Ideas

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Fall has arrived, which means it’s time to warm up your home with autumn-inspired décor. When it comes to creating fall-ready bedrooms, consider these simple and affordable ideas sure to add warmth and style to any bedroom in your home.

Incorporate fall colors: Your bedroom is the place where you unwind and get some much needed rest. Why not add some fall fun? An easy way to transition from summer to fall is to bring fall colors into the bedroom. An autumn-inspired palette includes warm hues of mustard yellow, dark orange, chocolate brown, and deep red. You can also use purple, cranberry, hunter green, beige, and grey. Whether it is a deep red vase or modern bedding featuring shades of cranberry and mustard, adding autumn-inspired hues into the bedroom is sure to put you into the mood of the season and enhance your bedroom décor.

Add the extra layers: Getting your home ready for fall doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time or money. In fact, sometimes it’s as simple as looking into your linen closet for a few items you stored away during the warm summer months.

Fall is all about staying warm and toasty, which means it’s time to bring out the additional layers: soft throw blankets, plush pillows, and warm bedding are just a few ways you can bring warmth into the bedroom. Add a thick throw blanket to the foot of the bed or on a chair for easy access. Additional layers can also be added to your windows. Exchange thin, light, and airy window treatments for thicker materials or add an extra layer for warmth. Finally, don’t forget to add some layers underneath your feet. A new rug is a great way to warm up the room.

Change the bedding: Chances are the bedding you used during the warm summer months was light and airy. It’s time for a change! Exchange cool bedding comforters for warmer, thicker blankets. While down comforters are ideal for both summer and fall seasons, you can make your down comforter fall-ready by slipping on a duvet that features dark hues or autumn-inspired motifs. It’s also time to change your sheets. Put away satin and cotton sheets and bring out the warm flannel sheets. You can also warm up the room by adding extra pillows to the bed or throwing a few plush pillows on an accent chair.

Seasonal decorating is a fun and easy way to enhance your home and get into the season’s festivities.
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