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Facades with Flair: Using Sidelites to Enhance Entryways

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As more people elect to refurbish and remodel their homes rather than rebuilding them, sidelites are showing themselves to be more than just door-accessories. Carefully selected sidelites can turn a basic remodel into an entire aesthetic overhaul. A good way to explore style options is to take into account the doorway set-up. Some homes may have porches, gables, or other arrangements which can help indicate which style may be best suited when remodeling.

For the All-American

If the entryway to the home incorporates a porch, it may be worthwhile to consider designing in the “American Craftsman” style. Sidelites can be perfectly styled to fit naturally into an elegant craftsman-style entryway with warm colors, natural wood, and wide moulding. Consider matching the sidelites to the doorway itself, including paint and/or stain, materials, and/or design elements such as border width.

American Craftsman-style doors also have a window within the upper third of the door divided into distinctive configurations called four-over-one and six-over one. The glass in the sidelite should match the placement and aesthetic of the glass used in the door window.

For the Dramatic

If the home has a gable or employs classical columns it may be best suited to the pomp of the Neoclassical/Greek Revival style. The door and sidelites are crucial elements for bringing together a façade that embodies the sheer breadth and ornate attention to detail characteristic of this aesthetic. Sidelites offer the chance to extend or complement the molding used to frame the doorway.

For the History Buff

Gothic Architecture is the dark horse in this race, best suited to homes without porches or gables. Many homeowners choose to forgo assorted overhangs in order to allow natural sunlight to illuminate their entryway and allow natural light into the home. Pairing sidelites with an arched doorway, transoms, and door-windows can further enhance the entryway and provide a noble Rectilinear Gothic look to any home.

Whether you’re looking for a rustic Craftsman-style porch, a stately Neoclassical Greek Revival gable, or an austere Gothic archway, sidelites bring the perfect amount of detail and breadth to any entryway.

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