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Rattan Furniture Guide

Rattan Furniture Guide

Written by Wicker Paradise

Many people use the term rattan and wicker interchangeably when they are in fact two different things. Rattan is one of the materials that you can use to make wicker furniture. Wicker furniture, like a wicker sofa actually refers to the weave itself. In this article we will look at how to select the best rattan furniture:

Here is a checklist when picking out rattan furniture:

Since this furniture will most probably sit outdoors, make sure it is UV stabilized to prevent damage from sun exposure. Without the protection, the furniture will start to disintegrate after long exposure to the elements.

Get proper outdoor chair cushions to go with the furniture. Look for water resistant cushions that will last outdoors. Avoid thin cushions as they will not last long outdoors and in harsh weather.

PE and HDPE rattan are the two best types of rattan. Both of these are mould resistant, manufactured using eco-friendly processes and can be recycled. PVC rattan is the cheapest of the different types, but will not be as durable as PE and HDPE.

Buy furniture with strong aluminium frames that will not rust outdoors like steel. The stronger frames will last longer and protect the rattan.

Lastly, ensure that the garden space can accommodate the furniture easily with plenty of space to move.


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