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How to Verify Your Organic Pajamas are Real

How to Verify Your Organic Pajamas are Real

Article by A Fashionable Mind.

When shopping for kids organic pajamas, you’ll quickly notice that there are a lot of related buzz words around organic. A lot of products will use words like natural or no-spray to talk about organic textiles, but there are ways to verify that the clothing you’re buying is actually organic.

You know the benefits. Boys and girls organic pajamas tend aren’t laced with chemicals, so they don’t contribute to respiratory problems. They are more sustainable, relying on farming infrastructure that doesn’t over-produce and overwork the land. It can be more affordable too.

So when you’re buying girls or boys organic pajamas, look for these signs to verify authenticity.


The two logos you want to see are for the Organic Soil Association and the Global Organic Textile Standard. These two bodies verify that cloth comes from sources that have been farmed organically, and that the materials were processed organically. You may be able to see small seeds still embedded in the some kids organic cotton pajamas as well. This isn’t a defect, rather a side effect of the organic processing methods that don’t chemically clean the clothing.

However, not every logo means the same standard of organic. For various reasons, farmers and textile makers utilize different processing standards. The OE 100 Standard essentially guarantees 100% certified organic fibers were used in the creation of the garment you’re looking at.

What if you don’t see any of these logos? Don’t panic! Any level of organic fabric is a good start, first and foremost. Your local shop may not understand the standards, may not know any suppliers and may be new to the market. Be an ambassador and request a higher grade, you’ll typically find retailers willing to take the plunge given the growing demand.