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New FTC Ruling Makes Caskets More Affordable

Losing a loved one is devastating. Close family and friends are bombarded with dozens of decisions about the funeral, including what type of casket they want to purchase. Since most of these decisions must be made quickly, grieving family members and friends often spend more money than they should on funeral costs because they purchase the casket and other items from the funeral home.

However, according to the FTC Funeral Rule, family and friends have the right to choose the funeral goods and services they want. Most importantly, the rule states that the funeral provider may not refuse or charge a fee to handle a casket that was purchased elsewhere. Funeral homes are required to provide everyone with an itemized price list upon request. With the price list in hand, people are free to select Wood Caskets from other companies.

Funerals can be very costly. In order to save money, many people are ordering caskets online through companies such as The online company makes it possible for family and friends to order affordable or cheap caskets from the comfort of their own homes. The convenient and private service relieves the anxiety associated with the conventional funeral purchasing experience. High-quality solid wood caskets are delivered nationwide within 24 hours.