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Bed in a Bag Buying Guide

The perception that buying a Bed in a Bag set will only lead to poor quality bedding and a bedroom that looks “cheap” is changing. More people than ever are purchasing these bed sets, which include everything a person needs to dress their bed in one convenient and affordable package. Today’s Beds in a Bag offer a wide range of stylish looks in comfortable and long-lasting materials.

Even though Beds in a Bag are very cost-effective ways to buy bedding for your home, you don’t want to throw money away on a set that isn’t right for you. So how do you choose a Bed in a Bag for your bedroom? The bedroom decor experts at BeddingStyle have a few tips to help you make the right choice:

Consider Your Personal Situation: Not all bed sets are going to have the same items. While almost all Bed in a Bag sets will include a bed cover such as a duvet, bedspread or comforter, the other items include will vary from set to set. An individual Bed in a Bag might include one or two pillow shams, sheets or bed skirts. Think about what items you consider most important in your bedding and which ones you can live without and comparison shop accordingly.

Check Your Bed Size: Make sure that you know what size bed you have; bed sets are packaged together so that twin, full, queen or king-sized comforters will also be packaged with similarly sized sheets and other accessories. King bed sets will likely have two pillow shams while Beds in a Bag of other sizes will typically only include one. You’ll also want to look out for unusually sized bed sets. A California king set will fit beds that are four inches longer and four inches narrower than standard king beds. A twin XL set will be longer than a traditional twin set — these are typically used in college dorm rooms.

Decide on the Right Bed Covering for You: As previously mentioned, the type of bed covering that comes with a bed set will vary from set to set. You’ll want to choose the one that you are most comfortable with. A comforter is a popular choice for designer bedding. These are the traditional fluffy blankets that offer warmth in cold weather. You can also opt for a duvet cover, which is fabric that goes around a duvet, or go for a bedspread that covers the bed and the pillows.