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New Duvet for the household

Guest post written by Wendy Phillips

I know that one of the least of my worries right now should be the comforter that we’re going to have on our bed once we get married and moved into our new house. But, the thing is that I saw this one comforter in this bed and breakfast that we stayed at a few months ago and it was so adorable that I wanted to try and find one just like it. I even asked the person at the desk of the B&B and they told me that it was an antique comforter, which pretty much dashed my hopes of finding an identical one.

So I’m making one just like it as a side project to help me cool off and reduce my stress from all the wedding planning. I went online to try and figure out how to make a duvet cover, since this will be my first.

I picked out this light blue soft fabric that’s going to be so great once I get it all sewn and together.