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The Rise in Gelato Consumption in the USA

The rising popularity of gelato in the USA needs to be examined within its context and with regards to the overall ice cream market. Gelato and other types of sorbet constitute of the ice cream market. According to figures provided by market analysts, the global ice cream market has witnessed an expansion by 8.7% in the first 5 years of the 21st century. This figure has expanded further by 11.5% in 2010. Global revenues in the market has also witnessed a rise. This trend in the ice cream market is quite powerful and encouraging especially for the gelato segment.

The ice cream industry has now turned into a massive one in terms of revenues and all segments are on the rising trend. Americans are getting more and more enamored with artisan ice creams. It is for this reason that the market share of traditionally made ice creams such as the gelato is expected to rise. Moreover, consumers are on the look out for family-friendly forms of recreation and entertainment that would not require them going too far from home. Frozen yogurt paper cups also makes it easy to transport the product from the shop to ones house. The fact that most ice cream shops are located close to residential areas have contributed to their popularity. Frozen yogurt stores have also benefited for such an uprise in consumer tastes.