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What to Look For in a Facial Chair

In order for a spa to be successful, they must give facials. And while the success of these facials will have a lot to do with the professional giving them, that’s no reason not to put plenty of emphasis on your facial chairs. Keep reading to find out why and what to look for.

Your customers might never leave your spa talking about how great the chair felt during their facial. However, they will leave complaining about how uncomfortable it was if you don’t buy the right one.

The right procedure chair for a facial should be made with high quality materials, so your customers have that comfort I mentioned earlier. Multi-layer cushioning is best.

It’s best to purchase chairs that come with customizable positions. This way you can modify a chair for the size of your customer and the preference of the professional administering the facial. Electronic lifts are best.

Make sure you purchase the right cleaning equipment to look after your chairs. Then be sure you’re using it regularly. Your clients will be able to tell I you don’t clean your equipment, so make sure this is a daily practice. Otherwise you run the risk of losing valuable business (or potentially having your business shut down for breaking a health code).

While the emphasis of a facial should always be on the technique of the person administering it, don’t forget how important the right chair is either.


Article submitted by Comfort Soul. The company provides the salon and spa equipment your business needs, from the right kind of massage chair bed to fresh linens.