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Cutting down our office’s energy costs

Guest post written by Mitch Bell

A lot of the stuff that I do at work is tracking office and company costs. One day while I was doing that I was kind of surprised with the amount that we had to pay one of these past few months. Even if it was a lot colder outside and we were using more energy by running the heat, I thought that we were stil spending too much. So I decided to go online and find out information about better energy services in our area.

While I was doing my big search online, I found some infromatino about Texas electric rate and decided to do a little more investigating. I presented it to my boss and he was really surprised by what I found. So we’re switching out the old energy plan for this new one.

When I presented the information for that plan, I suggested that we look into being more energy efficient in a few other ways around the office to save even more money. So I’m working on a plan to implement that.