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To the Bestest Father Ever

What’s in the running this year as a more-than-suitable gift for Pops on his specially marked third Sunday of June? Almost as if by traditional mandate, it’s usually around this time, right before the summer starts, that many people begin looking for military watches because they’re such a sure way to wow Dad. But with so much nifty gadgetry going on, how does one go about selecting the coolest watch of all? Maybe you can go with an established favorite — the Traser H3 Watch is one of the finest, most precise, most carefully made mechanisms in the world. We have your Father’s Day gift here! its watch box must surely read.

military watches

And the deets: The special watch uses mb-microtechs Trigalight technology that allows it to originate its own light source with tritium gas electron emission. It’s probably a given that the number of assenting Dads, to the question of who’d enjoy explaining their watch technology to friends and family, could not be counted on a single person’s fingers and toes. Dad will be so proud to have such a unique military watch as only Traser watches use the special illumination technology. So, if you’ve saved your pennies, you have a few more weeks to get your father something that he’ll be proud to wear for decades to come.