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Perfect hat for a snow day

Guest post written by Cindy David

Over the holidays when it snowed and the kids were all ready to go out and play in it that they could barely wait on me to pull out all of our snow wear. It ends up that my daughter’s snow hat was way too small so I let her have mine. I put on an old baseball hat to keep my head warm, which didn’t really work.

So I decided that I needed a new snow hat pretty fast because I’ve heard that we’re going to get all kinds of snow again this winter. I went online with our CLEARWIRELESSINTERNETSERVICE and decided that while I was going to all the trouble, I would try to find one that was really cute and stylish because I’d need it a lot this season.

I actually found all kinds of stuff that was really adorable and I decided to settle on a snow day hat that has a pom pom on top of it. It’s really fun and I think it’s good to wear something with some personality while playing out in the snow.