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Stylish Prescription Glasses at Low Prices

There is nothing better than finding the perfect pair of prescription glasses that reflect your unique style and help you see. Unless of course you purchase it at an incredibly low price from an online company with top-notch customer service.  We’ve scoured the Web to find the best deals on prescription eyeglasses and struck gold when we discovered ZenniOptical.

The first thing that impresses up about Zenni is its extensive online catalog.  Zenni offers one of the largest collections of high-quality prescription glasses on the market without sacrificing style. In fact, consumers can choose from the latest materials, shapes and colors to find the perfect pair.

The second major perk when shopping at Zenni is price. The online retailer blew us away with prescription glasses starting at the rock-bottom price of $6! And regardless of which pair you select, you won’t be paying a penny more than $50 because Zenni doesn’t offer anything over that price.

Finally, we were very impressed by the company’s outstanding customer service. Zenni provides its customers with extended phone and email support along with live chat services. In addition, the website is extremely user-friendly with several articles including an easy-to-read ordering guide, size guide and articles on understanding prescriptions and measuring the papillary distance (PD).

Convinced? Find the perfect pair of prescription glasses at ZenniOptical today.

Contact Information:
Phone: 1-800-211-2105