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Top “Secret” Tips on Perfecting Gelato’s Stubborn Texture

For homemade gelato, one of the most common issues that people face is achieving that perfect texture. If you’re somewhat of a gelato enthusiast, then you’re probably aware of what type of decadent experience a perfectly crafted bowl of gelato is capable of. The smooth, creamy texture packed with volumes of flavor in every bite is enough to have people chasing after the secrets to this fine-tuned dessert.


The professionals have an obvious advantage over the home cooks – high-grade gelato suppliers, $20,000 heavy-duty machines, etc. However, this doesn’t mean that your home’s kitchen isn’t capable of creating a dreamy bowl of gelato. These tips below will help strengthen your current recipes and even possibly be that tiny detail that you’ve been missing out on.

The Machine

As mentioned earlier, restaurants do have the advantage when it comes to dessert “hardware”. However, consider this. Are you pumping out gallons of gelato for incoming customers on a daily basis? There’s no need for you to invest in a multi-thousand dollar machine when your needs are different from the restaurants.


Ice cream recipes typically call for a basic table sugar. Consider making a switch to liquid sugars to enhance the depth of flavor and consistency of your gelato. Products like inverse sugar, honey, and corn syrup will supplement the base of your gelato, drastically impacting its overall texture. Note that by adding corn syrup to your recipe, it’ll not only enhance its’ body, but it’ll make it more resilient to melting and re-freezing – which helps if your freezer isn’t the best quality.


One of the biggest keys to making great ice cream or gelato isn’t looking at the machine itself, but the freezer that it’s stored in. Many home freezers aren’t designed to maintain subzero temperatures and their auto-defrost cycles will melt and refreeze whatever’s stored inside, sacrificing quality and texture in the process. You can consider investing thousands into a better freezer, or you can take a look at special storage units that are designed for frozen desserts and treats. It’s not mandatory, but if you’re chasing the perfect texture, you might want to at least take a look at one of these – you might even continue the trend and add some gelato cups and spoons to compliment your masterpiece.

The Bottom Line

These small, but impactful, tips can help improve your current gelato recipe and turn it into a quality dish that your whole family will love. There isn’t a “cookie cutter” setup when it comes to making gelato. It’s important that you take the time to experiment with several recipes as it’ll only bring you one step closer to an end-result that will exceed your expectations.