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New opportunities for starting a frozen yogurt business

May 5, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by: Gelato Products

Americans are becoming increasingly more health-conscious and interested in living healthier lives. Because of this, there are new opportunities to consider for starting a frozen yogurt business. Due to the amount of information available, people are trying new things to benefit their health. Frozen yogurt sales have been on the rise for years since the product is a healthier option compared to its competitors. Chain stores selling the product have been making popular changes to their design, making this a great time to start a frozen yogurt business amidst the new trends.

The frozen yogurt of today is different than it was a couple decades ago. It used to be more similar to ice cream, while now it has a tangier and lighter taste that sets it apart from other icy treats. Stores now offer a wide variety of flavors and toppings to fill their customers’ frozen yogurt cups. Instead of just the traditional chocolate and vanilla flavors, companies can be creative with their options and cater to their customers’ needs.

For toppings, stores are now offering healthier options. Most places still provide candies, but fruits, nuts, and cereals are also available. Non-edible store products are similar to those of ice cream and gelato supplies, however, the frozen yogurt and topping ingredients are different from those in other frozen treats. Customers can choose whether to pile on sugary sweets, or add more health-conscious toppings. Providing people with a wider range of products means stores are able to expand their demographics.

The new interior design and atmosphere of frozen yogurt stores appeals to more people, as well. Inside any modern frozen yogurt shop, there will likely be a diverse group of clientele. Teenagers, couples on dates, college students studying, and even business people meeting with clients are common patrons. The new frozen yogurt store environment has a vibe similar to that of a coffee shop, allowing people to spend time inside relaxing instead of grabbing their treat and leaving.

While there hasn’t been much change to frozen yogurt supplies (cups, napkins, and spoons are still standard) the changes are being seen in the edible product itself and the store atmosphere. Many shops now provide televisions, modern furnishings, and even Wi-Fi. They have moved on from the previous ice cream parlor environment. Now is a great time to open a frozen yogurt business since the current changes are catering to popular trends in health and lifestyle.