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The Differences Between Gelato and Ice Cream

July 21, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by: Gelato Products

Summer is in full swing, and for many of us that means long evening walks, the beach, and frozen treats. What’s better than slurping four or five scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough or mint chocolate chip out of waffle cones or, if you’re lucky, personalized ice cream cups? Well, you’ve probably heard about gelato, and it’s quickly become most people’s preferred choice for a summer dessert. If you haven’t jumped on the gelato bandwagon– or even if you have– you’re probably wondering about this new buzzword and why people are willing to settle for gelato when ice cream, the American mainstay, is still around.


Mind you, there’s certainly no reason why you’d have to give up ice cream and declare complete allegiance to gelato. In fact, the neat thing about gelato is that it’s actually fairly unique from ice cream in a lot of ways, so traditional ice cream people and edgy, mold-breaking gelato enthusiasts can get along just fine and even be one and the same! But first off, probably the most immediate thing everyone notices when they switch over to gelato is that, while you can pay for a huge amount of ice cream and eat it with a spoon, lick it out of a fancy cone, or blend it into a milkshake, gelato usually comes in much smaller amounts and is pretty much only eaten with small spoons out of white paper cups. Why is this?

This is the primary difference between ice cream and gelato. See, ice cream is made from a custard that’s cooked up from milk, cream, sugar, and egg yolks. After this is cooked and cooled, it gets churned, which effectively beats and whips the custard up, filling it with air. This makes ice cream smooth and fluffy and gives it that distinct texture you don’t really find anywhere else.

On the other hand, gelato is basically intense ice cream. It’s made from a very similar custard base, but with more milk and a lot less cream and eggs. Depending on the recipe, some flavors of gelato actually use no eggs. Gelato custard is then churned with a much slower method that is designed in keep as much air as possible, which results in a silkier and denser end product. So even though you might eat much smaller amounts of gelato out of custom printed cups, that’s because you’re technically getting a lot more per bite.

New opportunities for starting a frozen yogurt business

May 5, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by: Gelato Products

Americans are becoming increasingly more health-conscious and interested in living healthier lives. Because of this, there are new opportunities to consider for starting a frozen yogurt business. Due to the amount of information available, people are trying new things to benefit their health. Frozen yogurt sales have been on the rise for years since the product is a healthier option compared to its competitors. Chain stores selling the product have been making popular changes to their design, making this a great time to start a frozen yogurt business amidst the new trends.

The frozen yogurt of today is different than it was a couple decades ago. It used to be more similar to ice cream, while now it has a tangier and lighter taste that sets it apart from other icy treats. Stores now offer a wide variety of flavors and toppings to fill their customers’ frozen yogurt cups. Instead of just the traditional chocolate and vanilla flavors, companies can be creative with their options and cater to their customers’ needs.

For toppings, stores are now offering healthier options. Most places still provide candies, but fruits, nuts, and cereals are also available. Non-edible store products are similar to those of ice cream and gelato supplies, however, the frozen yogurt and topping ingredients are different from those in other frozen treats. Customers can choose whether to pile on sugary sweets, or add more health-conscious toppings. Providing people with a wider range of products means stores are able to expand their demographics.

The new interior design and atmosphere of frozen yogurt stores appeals to more people, as well. Inside any modern frozen yogurt shop, there will likely be a diverse group of clientele. Teenagers, couples on dates, college students studying, and even business people meeting with clients are common patrons. The new frozen yogurt store environment has a vibe similar to that of a coffee shop, allowing people to spend time inside relaxing instead of grabbing their treat and leaving.

While there hasn’t been much change to frozen yogurt supplies (cups, napkins, and spoons are still standard) the changes are being seen in the edible product itself and the store atmosphere. Many shops now provide televisions, modern furnishings, and even Wi-Fi. They have moved on from the previous ice cream parlor environment. Now is a great time to open a frozen yogurt business since the current changes are catering to popular trends in health and lifestyle.

The Rise in Gelato Consumption in the USA

February 9, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by Gelato Products

The rising popularity of gelato in the USA needs to be examined within its context and with regards to the overall ice cream market. Gelato and other types of sorbet constitute of the ice cream market. According to figures provided by market analysts, the global ice cream market has witnessed an expansion by 8.7% in the first 5 years of the 21st century. This figure has expanded further by 11.5% in 2010. Global revenues in the market has also witnessed a rise. This trend in the ice cream market is quite powerful and encouraging especially for the gelato segment.

The ice cream industry has now turned into a massive one in terms of revenues and all segments are on the rising trend. Americans are getting more and more enamored with artisan ice creams. It is for this reason that the market share of traditionally made ice creams such as the gelato is expected to rise. Moreover, consumers are on the look out for family-friendly forms of recreation and entertainment that would not require them going too far from home. Frozen yogurt paper cups also makes it easy to transport the product from the shop to ones house. The fact that most ice cream shops are located close to residential areas have contributed to their popularity. Frozen yogurt stores have also benefited for such an uprise in consumer tastes.

Gelato Products is an online store specializing in ice-cream shop supplies such as gelato pan liners and pan liner lids.

What Every Gelato Shop Needs

October 5, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

By Gelato Products

If you’re running a gelato shop, you probably have enough on your mind at any given time when it comes to securing your bottom line and building a profit. However, the biggest one you probably think about constantly is the flavors you serve. After all, above all else, that’s what customers are there for, right? They want to enjoy delicious gelato and all that entails

But don’t let that focus on your product blind you from other important considerations like, for example, the coffee cups and lids you use. When customers get coffee, are you sure they’re getting the best possible cups and lids? This means cups that are nice and comfortable and easy to hold. They should also provide an adequate buffer between your customer’s hand and the heat of the coffee inside the cup.

What we’re getting at here is that the supplies involved at your gelato shop are hugely important. One trend that’s been doing well is personalized ice cream cups. Why? Well, now only do they provide a fun feature to an otherwise ordinary item, but they’re also made from high-quality materials that don’t betray all the efforts you’re making to supply your customers with amazing gelato.


Gelato Products sells everything you need to support a thriving gelato shop. So when you need high-quality gelato supplies (i.e. frozen yogurt paper cups), they’re the company to go with due to their superior inventory, prices, customer support and delivery times.

Start a Gelato Shop Supplying Business

August 22, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Written By Gelato Products

Did you know the first man to become a millionaire from the California gold rush never found an ounce of the precious metal? Not even a flake, in fact. Instead, he was smart enough to set up shop and sell pickaxes instead. Everyone was going to California for the gold and they all needed pickaxes. A millionaire was made.

That’s where the saying comes from, “When everyone’s digging for gold, sell the pickaxes.”

Well there’s not much of a gold rush these days, but there are still proverbial pickaxes to be sold. That’s because ice cream shop supplies are in higher demand than they have been in years. Why? This is thanks in large part to gelato. This fun cold dessert is even better than ice cream and comes in a ton of new flavors. So we’re seeing shops spring up all over the country.

Get in on the action without worrying about all the overhead and the customer pains, by selling off frozen yogurt spoons, cups, covers, napkins and more. As these shops become more and more popular, guess what? You’ll make more and more right along with them.


When you need products for your gelato store, it couldn’t be easier remembering whom to go to. After all, the store itself is called Gelato Products. There you’ll find a gelato suppliers’ paradise with things likegelato spoons, cups, napkins, covers and just about anything else you need to make your store a success at a low price.

Supplies for ice cream parlors

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Written by Gelato Products

When it comes to business, you need to make sure that you get the best out of what you’re paying for. And in a world like ours that’s obsessed with competition, you need to make sure that you have all your bases covered. If you own an ice cream parlor, you’re going to need things like White paper cupsas well as Plastic yogurt spoonsfor your parlor. Basic supplies for your business is important because it represents a substantial portion of your expenses. If you’ve ever heard the saying that you need to spend money to make money, you’ll find that it’s not really accurate. Depending on your supplier, you can get way much more for what you pay for. As a business owner, it’s important for you to find the best suppliers that can give you the best terms for the best prices as well. Sure, it’s not as easy as it sounds, and that’s because it really isn’t that easy to find good suppliers that you can have a working relationship with. Other than cups and spoons, you will also need to find a supplier for your ingredients such as cream, milk, sugar, and other essential ingredients for your flavor as well. If you already have equipment available that you can use in your parlor, you also need to make sure that you buy them with an agreement for regular maintenance as well as spare parts too. If you have that locked down, then you’re all set with your ice cream parlor.


Frozen yogurt cups are affordable and easily personalized as well. This should be one of the first investments you make when opening your own ice cream parlor.

School Fundraising Idea: Ice Cream Shop

June 17, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by: Gelato Products

Summary: Ice cream is a good fundraiser, if you know how to properly plan an event. These tips will help you put on an exciting ice cream shop to raise funds for a school or church.

Now that the warm weather is approaching, it’s a good time to start fundraising for the coming year. Ice cream can be a great method to bring in extra cash for your class. There are a variety of ways to offer ice cream as a promotion, and build a compelling promotion that gets your community involved. Here are some ideas on how to use ice cream as a fundraiser.

Ice Cream Booth

Running an ice cream booth requires some planning and a good venue. This is a great idea for youth or church groups with access to a hall. Look for a local play at an area theater, then talk with the production team to see if you can sell during intermission. Set up four or five small tables outside the venue, and pick up some ice cream shop supplies so you have cups and spoons. Lids are handy too, so you can sell to people after the show and let them take their dessert home.

There are two ways to charge for the ice cream you sell. You can sell it for a few dollars per scoop, or you can charge a flat fee for entry to your area, and offer free scoops with entry.

Freeze Off

Similar to the ice cream booth, the freeze off gamifies those ideas and turns buying ice cream into a competition. Each scoop should come with a certain number of tickets, and participants use their tickets like a vote. Set buckets out before each flavor you offer, then ask your customers to vote for their favorite flavors. At the end of the event, you announce the different winners and choose tickets from the buckets. Call out the numbers and award the ticket holders with a small donated prize.

Make sure you solicit a donation ahead of time, and offer plenty of ice cream spoons so customers can taste as much as they want to make a decision.

Final Thoughts

Fundraising can turn into a fun event, if you take the time ahead to plan for supplies. If possible, get parents and friends to RSVP ahead of time so you can get a count of ice cream cups and supplies you might need for the event. Be creative and try to incorporate fun ideas, and see if you can get your supplies donated to you from the school or some other organization. You’d be surprised at what you can get if you just ask.

Thoughtful Gifts for Mother’s Day

April 10, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to buy something special for the person who brought you into this life. Whether you’re living at home, away at college, or living abroad with your new family, chances are you want to buy a thoughtful gift for Mom without spending a lot of money. Does Mom love jewelry? Does she enjoy gardening? Is your mom a talented cook? Consider her talents and hobbies to find the perfect gift that will brighten her day without breaking the bank.

One of our favorite places to shop for mom is, the largest online retailer. That’s because the products are high-quality and the prices are low. You can also ask for special gift wrapping and have the items delivered straight to mom’s door. Here’s is a list of our top five gifts for Mother’s Day:

      Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Earrings with Pendant: This sparkling blue topaz set includes elegant earrings and a pendant made from 935 sterling silver. Each jewelry piece features a four-prong setting and framed by an elegant textured silver border. The matching pendant also comes with an 18-inch rope chain.

      Lavender Spa Bath and Body Gift Set: Does mom need a break? Encourage relaxation with this calming lavender spa set, featuring scented spa cleansing bath gel, moisturizing lotion, and sisal loofah. It also includes double chocolate brownie cocoa, tea, and biscuits — the perfect way to unwind and relax.

      Kitchen Tool Set: If mom loves to cook, she will love this 15-piece everyday kitchen tool set featuring essential kitchen tools, including a flexible turner, 12-inch tongs, square turner, spoon, slotted spoon, and grater. The set also features an ice cream scoop, potato masher, can opener, and much more!

      Stylish New Balance Sneakers: Lightweight, comfortable, and fashionable, these Heidi Klum New Balance shoes are ideal for the mom who enjoys walking, running, and regular exercise. But she can also wear these stylish shoes while shopping and running errands around town.

      Diamond Stainless Steel Watch: Wow mom with a new watch! This beautiful watch features diamond-encrusted stainless steel bezel, coated with a mineral crystal. The silver dial is surrounded by white hourly markers and features an easy-to-read window.

Good Gifts for Father’s Day

April 3, 2012 by · Leave a Comment, one of the internet’s largest retailers, offering everything from books and music to electronics and tennis rackets, is the best place to find fabulous gifts for Dad this year.  With so many gifts to choose from, it’s easy to find a gift your dad will love without going over your budget.

This Father’s Day surprise the hero in your life with a thoughtful gift that will satisfy both Dad and your wallet. Here’s a list of our favorite gifts for dad from

Deluxe Grill Set: If your dad is new to the grill, he will love this 14-piece deluxe grill set. Available gift wrapped, this practical and thoughtful gift includes a chef’s spatula, grill tongs, silicone basting brush, four pairs of corn holders, and more. It comes in a handy aluminum storage case.

Heated Massaging Heat Cushion: Designed to provide relief to upper back, lumbar, and thighs, this massaging heat cushion comes with four powerful massage motors. Dad can place this cushion on nearly any chair and use the remote hand control to relax after a hard day’s work.

18-Piece Stainless Steel Grill Set: If your dad loves to barbeque on the weekends, holidays, and special occasions, this 18-piece stainless steel grill set is the perfect gift. It includes all essential tools for grilling, including a three-in-one spatula, tongs, four skewers and eight corn holders, all placed in a durable case for storing.

Mr Bar B Q 02099X 18-Piece Stainless Steel Tool Set: Ideal for the seasoned outdoor chef, Dad will enjoy grilling with the four-in-one spatula and all the other essential grilling tools. While this gift may seem identical to the one above, the difference is in the commercial-grade polished stainless steel items and the patented stay cool grip handles.

BBQ Gift Basket: If you live far away from home, consider sending this thoughtful gift basket. Already wrapped and ready for shipping, this large gift basket includes many delicious sauces, grilling cedar planks, and seasoned skewers.

Top 5 Best Restaurants in Boston

March 13, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Finding a good restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts is not hard; this historic city is graced with some of the best eateries in the country, ranging from upscale bistros to good old fashioned hot dog stands. However, we would like to take a peek at some of the upscale bistros, ideal for special occasions and romantic evenings.
Bistro Du Midi: Winner of the best French restaurant in Boston, Bistro Du Midi serves modern provincial cuisine in a warm atmosphere. The menu is inspired by the Midi region in France and includes seafood, meats, and vegetable entrees and delicious desserts.
Hamersley’s: If you’re in the mood for hearty New England dishes, the Hamersley’s is the place for you. Entrees include spicy halibut and clam roast with bacon braised greens, grilled loin of venison with savory apple, and peppered rib of aged beef with spicy celery root.
Abe & Louie’s: Voted one of the top steakhouses in the country, Abe & Louie’s is an upscale classic American steakhouse offering prime meats and fresh seafood. Signature dishes include lump crab cake and swordfish chop.
Menton:Located in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood, Menton is named after a small village in France. Although it just opened in 2010, the restaurant has already made a name for itself; it received a four-star review from The Boston Globe, and was named best new restaurants in 2012 by two leading magazines.

Harvest:  For modern New England food, nothing’s better than Harvest. Located in Harvard Square, Harvest offers a delicious menu featuring local fresh ingredients. Entrées include cocoa crusted axis venison, roulade of Giannone farms chicken, and grilled Painted Hills Farm tenderloin.

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