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How to Verify Your Organic Pajamas are Real

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When shopping for kids organic pajamas, you’ll quickly notice that there are a lot of related buzz words around organic. A lot of products will use words like natural or no-spray to talk about organic textiles, but there are ways to verify that the clothing you’re buying is actually organic.

You know the benefits. Boys and girls organic pajamas tend aren’t laced with chemicals, so they don’t contribute to respiratory problems. They are more sustainable, relying on farming infrastructure that doesn’t over-produce and overwork the land. It can be more affordable too.

So when you’re buying girls or boys organic pajamas, look for these signs to verify authenticity.


The two logos you want to see are for the Organic Soil Association and the Global Organic Textile Standard. These two bodies verify that cloth comes from sources that have been farmed organically, and that the materials were processed organically. You may be able to see small seeds still embedded in the some kids organic cotton pajamas as well. This isn’t a defect, rather a side effect of the organic processing methods that don’t chemically clean the clothing.

However, not every logo means the same standard of organic. For various reasons, farmers and textile makers utilize different processing standards. The OE 100 Standard essentially guarantees 100% certified organic fibers were used in the creation of the garment you’re looking at.

What if you don’t see any of these logos? Don’t panic! Any level of organic fabric is a good start, first and foremost. Your local shop may not understand the standards, may not know any suppliers and may be new to the market. Be an ambassador and request a higher grade, you’ll typically find retailers willing to take the plunge given the growing demand.

Bio: Based out of Orange County, California, KoraVera is a clothing company dedicated to clean, organic clothing for children. KoraVera intends to do good in this world with quality, organic products.

Fashion Merchandising Minus the Risks

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Written by: Daily Makeover Beauty Board

Do you believe you have what it takes to become the next fashion merchandising mogul? Are you interested in the world of fashion? Do you like to follow the latest trends and the glitz and glamour of international fashion weeks? Then why not explore setting on the entrepreneurial path of fashion retail?

While the foundations of building a fashion house would require a passion for fashion, actually building the designs and getting the brand up there requires expensive training and a wide network of business contacts that not everyone is fortunate enough to have. With fashion merchandising though, you can build a business simply on your interest in fashion and equip yourself with the very basic compliance requirements of running a business. Basically, you can make money off your hobby and share your interest with your local community!


 photo Fashion Merchandising_zpswarraktj.jpg

If you are all set for fashion retail, then you should know a few things. First, the big fashion brands will be reluctant to deal with small time retailers and they would require bulk orders or sales targets that could put you into bankruptcy if mishandles. Second, though dealing with these big brands can be difficult, dealing with a wholesale clothing mart is much easier. They have the nice brands in stock and you can take smaller batches of clothes to have a sustainable business. Third, these wholesalers are now even accessible via the internet! They have online showrooms where you can browse through the designs that you would like to sell. They offer affordable shipping as well!

Style in the Details

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If you’re the kind of person who has that very particular kind of personality wherein you feel that whatever you put on yourself depicts a different façade of your character, then it will come to no surprise that you have that unique sense of style – one that you have built up and consistently improve upon.

The color of your shirt may depict your mood at a particular point in time; a polo shirt might give off that casual yet classy vibe. Long sleeves folded halfway must mean that trying to relax; that leather belt that accentuates your white long sleeves tucked into your jeans coupled with brogue shoes just exude that kind of ‘adventurous’ yet stylish dapper in you.

Every detail matters, and each is carefully thought about. Considering that variety of ways you might feel about yourself at different points in time, choice become your companion – you’d rather have ten belts of varying wear and tear (since the more worn out they are, the ‘deeper’ character it gives off) than have to be forced to wear just one; it then will come as to no surprise if you’d be willing to invest in wholesale belts.

If you like keeping your base layers simple and practical, but willing to go be explorative with your top layers, then jackets might just be your style quirk. Wholesale jackets, perhaps, may be just the kind of versatility you’re looking for. Remember, you don’t have to spend that much just to build on your personal style!

Article submitted by Apparel Showroom.If your style is more the adventures of the outdoors thenwholesale active wearis what you need!

Popular Name Brand Shape Wear

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Shape wear was created to help people look and feel their best. In fact, shape wear has become the ‘secret weapon’ of choice for many women when it comes to fighting the Battle of The Bulge. It comes in a variety of styles, colors and materials and can be worn undetected with any type of clothing to create a smooth, svelte physique. There are a number of popular shape wear brand names on the market today – such as Cocoon Shape Wear, which offer products like corsets, body shapers and a rubber waist cincher.


Popular shape wear brands are known for their quality and attention to detail. They pride themselves on creating products that perform as they were meant to and provide customers with the results they want. A person does not have to be overweight to benefit from shape wear. In fact, it can be worn by any body type to provide support and control in areas of the body that may be a little fuller than others. Shape wear comes in a wide range of cuts and styles so that it can easily be worn under skirts, dresses, pants and just about any other kind of clothing to achieve the desired results.


Run Your Own Home Based Business By Purchasing Goods Through Wholesale Stores

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With today’s fluctuating economy, we all need a back up source of income in case of an emergency. This is why many people are starting to build and run their own home based businesses to add a little extra savings on top of their monthly income. Clothes is one of the best options you will have when you want to start a business, you can search for wholesale jackets and wholesale pants and resell them through your website.

To start your home based business, make sure that you have a reliable Internet connection, a computer or a laptop and a website. If you run a clothing business, try to sort them in collections such as a summer collection or a winter collection. If you do not have your own means of creating your own line just yet, you have the option to purchase clothes from a wholesale supplier. Just make sure that the wholesale supplier offers the latest trends in fashion, you may also want to read through the seller’s purchasing policies as some of these sellers requires a minimum amount per order. Also, ensure that the seller you would want to purchase form is legitimate by reading through their feedbacks and reviews.

Choosing a niche market for perfume or cologne.

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Though a passion for the scented market in perfumes and colognes can be a lucrative one it also has its struggle, keeping up with the newest trends and fashions is a job all its own seeing as the industry is constantly adding new designers or celebrities who want to release their own personal brand of perfumes. Buying wholesale perfume is the best way to go for your business, wholesale men cologne also has a very specific market though often people will focus on one or the other while adding supplementary products such as jewelry for women, watches and belts for men, or a variety of other things. It all just depends on how you plan to hit the niche market.

Choosing a niche is important as it will establish your business as being unique and personalized, customizing the need to go there. Now many people think that the more you have the better, though wal-mart gets away with this it isn’t for everyone unless you have a huge variety and are able to compete with big box stores like that you want to personalize and solidify. Pick out your market and get everything from the popular to the more obscure products, chances are even if you are more expensive by a bit you will still get a good customer base, especially if you treat them well! People sometimes choose different stores for the experience, which is extremely important to remember. A smile and a small chat can be the difference between a returning customer and not.

How To Purchase Bulk Wholesale Clothing For Resale

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For people looking to join the retail clothes industry, they need to learn the tips in tricks in finding great deals for their small business. Hunting for a place where you can buy bulk wholesale clothing is both exciting and exhausting, but once you find the right supplier it will all be worth it. Once you learn how to navigate through the world of wholesalers, you can easily strategize to make your business thrive. May it be for wholesale jeans or handbags, you have to carefully study where to buy and how to buy.

The Internet is a huge market that will help you find all the things you need, by doing a quick search you will easily have a list of wholesale suppliers preferably near or within your area. Read through the guidelines of the supplier to make sure that your order will be eligible for the discount. Some online stores may require you to follow their minimum order, while some may need you to buy a certain number of pieces per style. You may also try to contact the seller and negotiate for an additional discount, build a good relationship with the seller as this will entitle you for promos and bargains in the future.

Go Wholesale To Save Extra Bucks On Clothes And Accessories

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Who doesn’t love a great deal? When shopping for apparel choosing wholesale items is the best way for you to save money while having the chance to get more clothes. Wholesale bags are also best for people who would want several bags to match every outfit they have. How about wholesale accessories? Most people are fond of accessorizing to complete their overall look.

The fashion industry has continually offered a variety of apparel and accessories that most of us would want to get our hands on. While it is perfectly fine to splurge once in a while we must also try to save as much as possible. To stay fashionable, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars, you may also get your fashion fix through online wholesale stores for a very affordable price. The beauty in wholesale shopping is that it allows you to get more options to wear without breaking your budget. For business minded people, this can also be a great opportunity for you to start your very own home based business for clothes. How about holiday presents? You can send everyone in your family a gift without them knowing that you had a very limited budget. Save those extra bucks for more important things.

Buy Wholesale Apparel And Accessories To Save Extra Money

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One of the things shoppers look forward to is a sale, may it be an after Christmas sale or an end of season sale many people would flock to the nearest shopping mall to get their fashion fix. Wholesale dresses are a top pick among women while a shoe sale with catch men’s attention. Wherever which part of the world you live in an off price apparel tag will surely make a buzz.

The fashion industry has continuously developed through the years, this is due to the demand of people from all parts of the world who would want to stay trendy and up-to-date on the latest styles in the world of fashion. However, not everyone can afford to pay a huge amount for just a piece of designer clothing, most of the time they would rather keep this money and only spend it on important things such as food, education, etc. Now that the online business has gone full swing, more and more people are leaning to purchasing not only clothes but all the things that they need through online shops because it is more convenient. Many people can find bargains on clothes through various online suppliers and shops.

Buying Trendy Wholesale Jewelry Saves You Big Bucks

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When you buy trendy wholesale jewelry what you are going to find is that you are going to be able to save a lot of money.  If you buy from a jewelry retailer you walk by at the mall or something like that you are going to spend a lot more money.  This is due to the fact that they have a lot of added costs that jack up prices.

Wholesale clothing is something that can really provide you, the consumer, a lot of benefits.  Buying clothing wholesale means that you are buying clothing at very low prices and typically in bulk.  If you are the type of person who really ahs to keep yourself on a budget when you shop, then this is a great way to shop for clothing as it can save you a lot of money but provide you with a lot of value in terms of the amount of clothing and the quality of the clothing that you can obtain.  Wholesale clothing is similar to the idea of outlet shopping, which is more about buying discontinued items.  The same type of immense discounts, usually even greater discounts, can be found when you buy wholesale versus buying in any other form.  The popularity of buying wholesale is increasing at a very fast rate.  People are looking as stylish and as trendy as ever while really sticking to a budget.

Buying wholesale blouses or other products such as junior tops wholesale can mean more money in your pocket.  The great wholesale store has products at prices that will blow you away.

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