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Buyer’s guide to wicker garden furniture

February 8, 2018 by · Leave a Comment 

If you love relaxing in furniture that is comfortable, you may want to consider investing in some wicker garden furniture. Here are some tips on how to buy wicker garden furniture.

Types of wicker – There are now many types of wicker in the market, and they include synthetic and organic wicker. Synthetic wicker is best for outdoor or patio use as it is weatherproof and UV stabilized. Natural wicker, on the other hand, is better for indoor spaces or a conservatory as it is susceptible to mold and high heat.

Pick wicker furniture to suit your space – Wicker comes in a wide variety of designs making it suitable for the largest or the smallest areas. If you want to sit a group of people, it is best to look at investing in a sectional sofa that can occupy more people. For a terrace, deck or lawn, you can look at armchairs, coffee tables with a main sofa, which can create a living room style space. For families who love to cook and eat outdoors, invest in a wicker dining table with supportive chairs.

Choosing the best wicker furniture – There are both flat and round versions of wicker. For outdoor furniture, it is best to look at rounded wicker as it is durable and less likely to fade or snap. To make wicker more comfortable choose cushions that are made using outdoor fabrics that are machine washable.

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Create some privacy for your patio and backyard with these tips

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We all want patios and backyards where we can relax and unwind. Unfortunately, due to urban density, there is not a lot of privacy for our rooftops, patios, porches, and backyards. Often, the very people that need outdoor space are ones who can’t use them due to neighbors and other buildings. Fortunately, there are some ways you can create some privacy and relax on your wicker furniture:

Privacy wall

The easiest method is to build a privacy wall that complements your outdoor furniture and settings. You can use a wood finish that matches either your furniture, or your decking, or with a completely different style.


One method that works well for porches are several drapes. The drapes should ideally cover all sides of the porch, allowing you to open and close each section as you need. Also, ensure the drapes are made with outdoor fabric, so they don’t fade and deteriorate.

Potting wall

Urban patios suffer from a lack of privacy from immediate neighbors and nearby buildings. In this situation, you can take the privacy wall concept a bit further and build a potting wall. A potting wall is a wooden wall structure that holds planters of various sizes. You get the privacy of a wall and some greenery.

Privacy screen

Sometimes, you need privacy from your own home. Part of the draw of a backyard or patio is that it operates as an escape. In this situation, a simple privacy screen that matches the aesthetic of your patio is a great choice for privacy and style.

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Couch Cushions Are The Perfect Way To Add Flare To Your Living Room

March 14, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by: The Foam Factory

Couch CushionsWhen considering how to change the decor in your living room, look no further than your couch. Over time, your couch foam begins to degrade. It goes from being that perfect blend of soft and supportive, to being a nightmare that eats you alive as you sink into its depths.

Couch cushions provide the perfect way to revitalize both the comfort of your couch, as well as the aesthetics of your room. You would be amazed at the difference a color or pattern change can make.

If you would like to potentially modernize the look of your living room, consider dark materials and add an accent pillow for a pop of color. A red accent pillow is a perfect touch to a newly reupholstered black couch.

If you do not have the cash to fully reupholster your furniture, do not fret. Replacement cushions can add years to their lifespan. They are also just as versatile for changing your living room aesthetic qualities.

When considering replacement cushions, look at your existing padding on the arms and backing. Consider what would complement the look, as well as what would go with the overall feel of the room. For springtime, bright colors help liven a room substantially. Many times deep purples and rich reds make excellent choices.

You will be amazed at how much cushions can change a room. Not only are they much more comfortable, they really can make rooms pop with color. Also, changing out the cushions is extremely easy to do. Find your motivation, and give your room the makeover it deserves.

Facades with Flair: Using Sidelites to Enhance Entryways

April 30, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Article written by Online education resources

As more people elect to refurbish and remodel their homes rather than rebuilding them, sidelites are showing themselves to be more than just door-accessories. Carefully selected sidelites can turn a basic remodel into an entire aesthetic overhaul. A good way to explore style options is to take into account the doorway set-up. Some homes may have porches, gables, or other arrangements which can help indicate which style may be best suited when remodeling.

For the All-American

If the entryway to the home incorporates a porch, it may be worthwhile to consider designing in the “American Craftsman” style. Sidelites can be perfectly styled to fit naturally into an elegant craftsman-style entryway with warm colors, natural wood, and wide moulding. Consider matching the sidelites to the doorway itself, including paint and/or stain, materials, and/or design elements such as border width.

American Craftsman-style doors also have a window within the upper third of the door divided into distinctive configurations called four-over-one and six-over one. The glass in the sidelite should match the placement and aesthetic of the glass used in the door window.

For the Dramatic

If the home has a gable or employs classical columns it may be best suited to the pomp of the Neoclassical/Greek Revival style. The door and sidelites are crucial elements for bringing together a façade that embodies the sheer breadth and ornate attention to detail characteristic of this aesthetic. Sidelites offer the chance to extend or complement the molding used to frame the doorway.

For the History Buff

Gothic Architecture is the dark horse in this race, best suited to homes without porches or gables. Many homeowners choose to forgo assorted overhangs in order to allow natural sunlight to illuminate their entryway and allow natural light into the home. Pairing sidelites with an arched doorway, transoms, and door-windows can further enhance the entryway and provide a noble Rectilinear Gothic look to any home.

Whether you’re looking for a rustic Craftsman-style porch, a stately Neoclassical Greek Revival gable, or an austere Gothic archway, sidelites bring the perfect amount of detail and breadth to any entryway.

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Installing a Steel Front Door: What You Need to Know

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Article written by Internet School Reviews

Steel doors are fairly common on homes these days. A steel door is fairly inexpensive, and it makes for a decent upgrade to any new home. It’s also commonly used in rental properties. As long as it’s maintained well, and hung properly, a steel door can last for many years. However, a steel door is not ideal for every situation.


Steel doors tend to have a fairly high insulation value, which is one of the greatest strengths it has to offer. You can paint over steel doors, and they are resistant to most forms of forced entry. They also won’t crack or bow, like wood.


Steel doors are highly resistant, but not impervious. Poorly maintained steel doors often suffer from paint cracking and chipping. If left unattended, this looks unattractive and decreases home value. Steel doors are also very plain in style. A steel door is functional, not beautiful. If your intention is to live, a steel door is an excellent choice. If your intention is to invest and add value, even fiberglass is better than steel.

Steel also conducts temperature, so your door feels exactly the way it feels outside.


Steel doors offer safety and decent insulation, just not very much else. A steel door is very functional in choice, and probably not what you want when you sell your home. First-time buyers with older front doors might opt for steel as a quick-fix replacement, but are they really saving money?

Before you install a steel door, consider the money you’re spending now and how you might put it towards a higher quality wood or fiberglass door.

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Luxury Bedding + Top Designers

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Written By: BeddingStyle

                Some people love luxury. They try to indulge in as much as they can to try and buy the best things for them that they know they deserve. They will buy luxurious clothes; shoes, bags and more often than not they will also spend to buy themselves luxurious beddings.

                Some online linen stores make it more convenient for shoppers to purchase goods in the comfort of their own home instead of having to go through the hassle of long lines in the mall or slow customer service. With just a click of the mouse or track pad, customers can easily view all their brand or product options with detailed description which makes it easier to compare and contrast from other brands. Shopping for luxury bedding sets need not be a hassle anymore! Keep in mind to choose for pieces that will fit your home’s style and decoration to give it a more complete look.

                Some of the top bedding brands in the industry include Nautica, Laura Ashley, Tommy Bahama, Vera Wang, Tommy Hilfiger and so much more. These brands offer the best of the best when it comes to fashion savvy sets that will really satisfy your need for cute and uniquely printed out beddings that have that great comfort, perfect for your beds. There are so many products to choose from: duvet cover sets, blankets, fleece, quilts and so much more. The variety of products to choose from will make you confused on what to buy for you home!

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