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How to Verify Your Organic Pajamas are Real

March 22, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

When shopping for kids organic pajamas, you’ll quickly notice that there are a lot of related buzz words around organic. A lot of products will use words like natural or no-spray to talk about organic textiles, but there are ways to verify that the clothing you’re buying is actually organic.

You know the benefits. Boys and girls organic pajamas tend aren’t laced with chemicals, so they don’t contribute to respiratory problems. They are more sustainable, relying on farming infrastructure that doesn’t over-produce and overwork the land. It can be more affordable too.

So when you’re buying girls or boys organic pajamas, look for these signs to verify authenticity.


The two logos you want to see are for the Organic Soil Association and the Global Organic Textile Standard. These two bodies verify that cloth comes from sources that have been farmed organically, and that the materials were processed organically. You may be able to see small seeds still embedded in the some kids organic cotton pajamas as well. This isn’t a defect, rather a side effect of the organic processing methods that don’t chemically clean the clothing.

However, not every logo means the same standard of organic. For various reasons, farmers and textile makers utilize different processing standards. The OE 100 Standard essentially guarantees 100% certified organic fibers were used in the creation of the garment you’re looking at.

What if you don’t see any of these logos? Don’t panic! Any level of organic fabric is a good start, first and foremost. Your local shop may not understand the standards, may not know any suppliers and may be new to the market. Be an ambassador and request a higher grade, you’ll typically find retailers willing to take the plunge given the growing demand.

Bio: Based out of Orange County, California, KoraVera is a clothing company dedicated to clean, organic clothing for children. KoraVera intends to do good in this world with quality, organic products.

Quick Tips to Find an Honest Car Salesman

October 3, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

buying-a-carWhen you’re trying to buy a new or used car, it’s very easy to come across dishonest salespeople who prey on a lack of knowledge to sell cars. There’s not an easy to way to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to buy a car (in fact, most people don’t even know what make or model they want to buy before they step onto a lot), but you can use this advice from Bidlane, located at 1107 Flower St in Burbank, to make sure you’re dealing with someone honest.

Avoid the In-Store Visit

One tactic people love to use when you’re trying to sell your car in Burbank is to ask for an in-store visit to negotiate the price of the car you want to buy. They may say they want to assess your trade-in value, or show you the car themselves. This is a red flag. Avoid sales people who won’t give quotes over the phone.

Trust Referrals

The turnover for car salespeople gets pretty high at certain dealerships. It’s not a job cut out for everyone, and many people lose the motivation to keep going. Those who do stay tend to build lifelong relationships with customers who will then refer friends. If you’re getting a referral, odds are good your friend trusts that sales person to sell your used car in Burbank.

Lead Them

One ingeniuous tactic used to discover an unreliable sales person is to start discussing “facts” that aren’t really true, but not in any obvious way. Asking for the base model with leather seating, for example, is a good tactic. Most base models don’t have the option for leather seating, so if the sales person responds and affirms they can help you out, they are probably just looking to sell anything.

Bidlane, located at 1107 Flower St in Burbank, is the best destination to sell your used car in Burbank. At Bidlane, appraisal only takes ten minutes and the offer is good for three days.

Three Reasons to Install a Safe in Your Office

August 24, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

install-safe-in-officeSafes are more than steel boxes that hide valuables. These storage containers offer benefits that standard drawers, petty cash boxes, and nonsecure areas can provide. ISM safes are a good choice if you’re looking for a safe that’s durable.

Protection from Theft

This is the top reason why safes are needed especially if your office is located in a high crime area. If your office also experiences high traffic and you serve a lot of customers or clients, a safe will provide protection from potential thieves who may frequent your business location.

Protection from External Damage

Safes do more than prevent unauthorized entry. Safes shield valuables from water damage, fire, and heavy impact. Small items such as silver, gold, bullion, and documents can remain intact when stored in a jewelry safe that has limited entry authorization.

Safes Increase Content Value

If you have any of the aforementioned valuables and want to sell these items in the future, the value of these items can increase particularly if the contents are encased. The more safeguards you implement in storing valuables, the more likely you’ll be able to gain a significant return on your original investment.

Protection You Can Rely On

Business management involves more than locking doors and file cabinets. If you have a variety of tangible items that are business related but don’t need to be seen by the public, used safes can be a secondary safety measure that can reduce petty theft and other tempting situations.

ISM safes are available online, or in store at First Security Safe.

Tips on Finding Affordable Gelato Supplies

March 5, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by Gelato Products

Every food establishment requires the proper supplies. If you own a gelateria, you will need a steady supply of proper serving supplies and equipment, from gelato cups and spoons to pan liners, cone holders, and spatulas. But finding quality supplies is easier said than done. In an effort to save money, many business owners end up buying cheap supplies. The problem is that cheap or low-quality supplies can actually harm your business. Low-quality supplies are easy to detect by customers and might not work as well as premium products.

So how can you find affordable gelato supplies without going over your budget? Fortunately, there are many ways you can find low-cost gelato spoons and other supplies without compromising quality. Here’s how to find affordable gelato supplies.

Find a specialty retailer. There are many mega stores that sell restaurant supplies. However, you might not get the best deals if you purchase gelato supplies from a restaurant supply store. There’s another reason it’s important to purchase from a specialty store. Gelaterias are a small niche in the restaurant industry. For this reason your supplies might be more expensive than ice cream parlor supplies.

Instead of going to a general restaurant supply retailer, purchase your supplies from a retailer that specializes in gelato products and supplies. This means that the retailer only sells and works with gelato products. A specialty retailer will not only have lower prices on all the essential products you need, but will also carry a larger selection. Another benefit from going to a specialty retailer is that you are their main target audience. The company will have more products that cater to your type of business.

Buy in Bulk. Another way to save money when shopping for gelato supplies is to purchase your items in bulk. Don’t wait until you’re out of supplies to purchase new ones. Instead, purchase everything you need in large quantity at the beginning of each month. Even if you only need a few more cups, purchase a larger quantity and store the rest in the supply area. Buying your products in bulk ensures that you get a lower price on the same items.

Get free shipping. When searching for a gelato supplies retailer, research shipping prices on products. When possible, purchase from a retailer that offers free shipping. Free shipping is a great way to save money. While some business owners might find cheap gelato products, high shipping costs end up raising the final bill to more than they expected to pay.
Gelato Products is an online retailer of quality gelato products, including white paper cups, gelato cups, spoons, and to-go containers.

Tips to Buy Estate Jewelry

February 12, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by: Cynthia Findlay Antiques

Buying a vintage piece of jewelry can be a complicated process. There is a lot of room for sellers to skirt buyers on the details, and it is easy for a buyer to get scammed if she is not careful. These tips are designed to help the amateur find beautiful estate jewellery for purchase, and vet each piece to determine the quality.

Ask Questions

The first thing a smart buyer does is ask a lot of questions about the piece. Art deco rings have a special artistic significance, and if your dealer doesn’t understand these pieces it’s a dead giveaway that you’re not dealing with someone reputable. Always ask how the seller found the piece, because that’s another clue to its authenticity.

Inspect the Piece

If you know enough about the era, you can actually approximate when a piece came from by sight. Certain styles or accents tended to be popular throughout the history of jewellery, for example art deco pieces used a lot of geometrical shapes and gold. It also helps to look up some vintage rings online so you can get a feel for the style you are looking for.


The “patina” refers to the normal wear and tear one might expect on a piece of vintage jewellery. These pieces are usually sold as-is to prevent damaging the metals by cleaning them with chemicals. Don’t get scared of tarnish, that’s a sign that the piece is real.

Buy from Estate Dealers

It’s always best to buy from a reputable antique dealer if possible. One on one sales are certainly popular means of coming across jewellery, but the process is difficult to verify. You will also find certificates of authenticity when you shop with dealers, a reassurance you won’t get with individuals.