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September 13, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

If you’ve ever been to the salon for hours and hours on end, getting your hair done while getting a simultaneous pedicure and manicure, and getting a facial on top of that, then you know that it can be a very grueling experience. Truth be told, most of the discomfort comes from the lack of proper support and cushioning for your body for extended periods of time – which is why some come home with a sore back after long salon days. Some just can’t simply afford that discomfort.

A good pedicure chair, for example, is supposedly designed to properly angle your body such that it does not make your legs feel numb, over extended stationary positions. It’s also supposed to help ease the tension in your back and your buttocks with its cushioning – which is usually neglected by some salon owners. All of these issues can be addressed; in fact there are products out there that outright are the solutions for these issues themselves — specialized salon and spa equipment have now surfaced in the market providing ample comfort (such as integrated memory foam technology which aptly adapts to your curves and body structure so that it can provide each square inch of your body with the right support), technology (such as automatic mechanical movement) and eye-pleasing aesthetics (such as wooden finishes) which can rightly suit any ambience or atmosphere that will definitely delight customers – leaving them feeling at home, making them want to come back for some more pampering.

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