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Choosing a niche market for perfume or cologne.

June 13, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Though a passion for the scented market in perfumes and colognes can be a lucrative one it also has its struggle, keeping up with the newest trends and fashions is a job all its own seeing as the industry is constantly adding new designers or celebrities who want to release their own personal brand of perfumes. Buying wholesale perfume is the best way to go for your business, wholesale men cologne also has a very specific market though often people will focus on one or the other while adding supplementary products such as jewelry for women, watches and belts for men, or a variety of other things. It all just depends on how you plan to hit the niche market.

Choosing a niche is important as it will establish your business as being unique and personalized, customizing the need to go there. Now many people think that the more you have the better, though wal-mart gets away with this it isn’t for everyone unless you have a huge variety and are able to compete with big box stores like that you want to personalize and solidify. Pick out your market and get everything from the popular to the more obscure products, chances are even if you are more expensive by a bit you will still get a good customer base, especially if you treat them well! People sometimes choose different stores for the experience, which is extremely important to remember. A smile and a small chat can be the difference between a returning customer and not.

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