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How to Increase the Appeal Factor When Running a Gelato Shop

April 15, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

When customers enter an ice cream or gelato shop, the first thing that they’re going to look at is the menu. Otherwise, they’ll run straight to the visual appeal of seeing the frozen treat behind the glass case. However, many shops tend to lack that visual appeal that gives their product that extra “oomph”. If you’re just starting out as a gelato shop owner, remember to focus on the niceties and amenities that will make your guest feel welcome. This obviously comes after serving some of the best frozen treats – quality should always be prioritized.


Create a Brand Image

Many gelato shops aren’t recognizable by name, unless they’re a local favorite. Branding is one of those things that give authenticity to your shop. By having something simple like your shop’s name and logo on your gelato cups instead of the standard bland ones, you’ll be creating a public image. It doesn’t have to be flashy either; all you need is a color scheme that your shop is known for, and the business name. If it’s a sweltering day, most people are going to look for a way to cool themselves down from the blistering heat, if they know about your shop through this public branding, there’s a high chance that they’ll at least pass by your shop.

Emphasize the Quality of Your Product

The quality of the products that you serve should always be a priority. If you have the most up-to-date shop in the entire city but serve awful gelato, you’re just digging your own grave. Contact some of the best gelato suppliers to schedule regular deliveries to your shop. Or, if you want to go about the DIY-route, always look for ways to improve the flavor and quality of your product. It’s all about experimentation when it comes to finding the perfect balance in your gelato. But, once you’ve achieved that, people will be clamoring for more. Therefore, your business could blossom into a crowd favorite.

The Bottom Line

Being an owner of a frozen dessert shop is tough nowadays. With so many people going to the popular franchises, there’s very little room for success. However, small business owners have successfully made a name for themselves with many people actually preferring these “mom and pop” shops over the more well-known ones. How did they do this? They branded themselves, served high-quality and tasty gelato, and always put the customer first.
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