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Protecting your Perimeter

Written by Farm Supply Store

Guarding your perimeter can be very tricky as wooden fences are almost ineffective as it merely marks the perimeter, but does little to keep any trespassers out. This is especially true for property with a large area to cover such as farms. One can’t always keep an eye out to oversee the perimeter and it would be very expensive to hire people just to guard the area. What people have do in modern times is to put up an electric fence installation which actively keeps all trespassers out as well as keeping all your livestock safe from predators.

These electric fences work like a circuit where a steady current of electricity passes through the wires of the fence and will deliver a jolt of energy to the unlucky victim which can either give them a slight buzz, or completely knock them out depending on the amount of exposure the victim has with the fence. Most of the time though it is merely a deterrent for anyone planning to enter your property without permission as most electric fences are installed with a sign that warns would be trespassers of the electricity running through the wires.

Maintaining the fence isn’t even as challenging as it seems. You simply have to use an electric fence tester once in a while and replace the wires every so often, just like how you would replace barbed wire or chicken wire in your perimeter. Both installation and maintenance, contrary to popular belief is very affordable.

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