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Should You Bring Your Car Seat When Riding A Plane?

October 14, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

The use of a toddler car seat is highly enforced to protect a child from injuries and even death in case of a car crash. Due to the rise of child deaths from car accidents during the early 2000, laws have been implemented all throughout the United States to protect the children. As long as a child is inside a moving vehicle, car seat strollers should be installed to give them proper restraints. This said, it should also be a habit to bring along your car seat when you travel via an airplane.

Do airlines allow car seats to be installed inside an aircraft? Of course they do! There are even airline companies that offer an affordable infant fare as totting a car seat will mean that you will need to pay for an extra seat. Just make sure that your car seat is safe to use on board a plane by checking if it has an FAA approved sticker. This only means that the car seat has passed the inversion test wherein your child will stay buckled up even when it is turned upside down.


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