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Six fun ways to serve ice cream

Six fun ways to serve ice cream


Ice cream is a fail-safe dessert, that is loved by both children and adults alike. If you are planning on serving ice cream for your next family dinner or event, try the following serving suggestions to make your dessert extra special.

A striped ice cream cake – This is a great alternative to serve ice cream, which is less messy than serving your ice cream in a cone. Buy your favorite flavored cake and cut thin slices. You can then place ice cream between the layers. Simply refreeze and serve.

An ice cream sandwich – Buy a berry pound cake, cut slices and fill them with your favorite ice cream. Serve immediately on plates with ice cream spoons.

Brownies with ice cream – Make your favorite brownies and layer them at the base of a glass bowl. Then add some mint ice cream and finish off with cream and chocolate shavings.

An ice cream pie – Make a pie crust with digestive biscuits and butter. Then add an ice cream layer, top with cream and fresh fruit.

Ice cream cups – Instead of serving your frozen treats in gelato cups and spoons, make your own edible bowl. Simply make vanilla cupcakes and scoop out a bit of the center. Fill your centers with your favorite ice cream.

Ice cream popsicles – Place your ice cream into popsicle molds and refrigerate. You can also include a mix of ice cream flavors, for a fun, tasty popsicle.