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Quick Tips to Find an Honest Car Salesman

Quick Tips to Find an Honest Car Salesman

buying-a-carWhen you’re trying to buy a new or used car, it’s very easy to come across dishonest salespeople who prey on a lack of knowledge to sell cars. There’s not an easy to way to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to buy a car (in fact, most people don’t even know what make or model they want to buy before they step onto a lot), but you can use this advice from Bidlane, located at 1107 Flower St in Burbank, to make sure you’re dealing with someone honest.

Avoid the In-Store Visit

One tactic people love to use when you’re trying to sell your car in Burbank is to ask for an in-store visit to negotiate the price of the car you want to buy. They may say they want to assess your trade-in value, or show you the car themselves. This is a red flag. Avoid sales people who won’t give quotes over the phone.

Trust Referrals

The turnover for car salespeople gets pretty high at certain dealerships. It’s not a job cut out for everyone, and many people lose the motivation to keep going. Those who do stay tend to build lifelong relationships with customers who will then refer friends. If you’re getting a referral, odds are good your friend trusts that sales person to sell your used car in Burbank.

Lead Them

One ingeniuous tactic used to discover an unreliable sales person is to start discussing “facts” that aren’t really true, but not in any obvious way. Asking for the base model with leather seating, for example, is a good tactic. Most base models don’t have the option for leather seating, so if the sales person responds and affirms they can help you out, they are probably just looking to sell anything.

Bidlane, located at 1107 Flower St in Burbank, is the best destination to sell your used car in Burbank. At Bidlane, appraisal only takes ten minutes and the offer is good for three days.