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Create some privacy for your patio and backyard with these tips

Create some privacy for your patio and backyard with these tips

We all want patios and backyards where we can relax and unwind. Unfortunately, due to urban density, there is not a lot of privacy for our rooftops, patios, porches, and backyards. Often, the very people that need outdoor space are ones who can’t use them due to neighbors and other buildings. Fortunately, there are some ways you can create some privacy and relax on your wicker furniture:

Privacy wall

The easiest method is to build a privacy wall that complements your outdoor furniture and settings. You can use a wood finish that matches either your furniture, or your decking, or with a completely different style.


One method that works well for porches are several drapes. The drapes should ideally cover all sides of the porch, allowing you to open and close each section as you need. Also, ensure the drapes are made with outdoor fabric, so they don’t fade and deteriorate.

Potting wall

Urban patios suffer from a lack of privacy from immediate neighbors and nearby buildings. In this situation, you can take the privacy wall concept a bit further and build a potting wall. A potting wall is a wooden wall structure that holds planters of various sizes. You get the privacy of a wall and some greenery.

Privacy screen

Sometimes, you need privacy from your own home. Part of the draw of a backyard or patio is that it operates as an escape. In this situation, a simple privacy screen that matches the aesthetic of your patio is a great choice for privacy and style.

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