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Buyer’s guide to wicker garden furniture

Buyer’s guide to wicker garden furniture

If you love relaxing in furniture that is comfortable, you may want to consider investing in some wicker garden furniture. Here are some tips on how to buy wicker garden furniture.

Types of wicker – There are now many types of wicker in the market, and they include synthetic and organic wicker. Synthetic wicker is best for outdoor or patio use as it is weatherproof and UV stabilized. Natural wicker, on the other hand, is better for indoor spaces or a conservatory as it is susceptible to mold and high heat.

Pick wicker furniture to suit your space – Wicker comes in a wide variety of designs making it suitable for the largest or the smallest areas. If you want to sit a group of people, it is best to look at investing in a sectional sofa that can occupy more people. For a terrace, deck or lawn, you can look at armchairs, coffee tables with a main sofa, which can create a living room style space. For families who love to cook and eat outdoors, invest in a wicker dining table with supportive chairs.

Choosing the best wicker furniture – There are both flat and round versions of wicker. For outdoor furniture, it is best to look at rounded wicker as it is durable and less likely to fade or snap. To make wicker more comfortable choose cushions that are made using outdoor fabrics that are machine washable.

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