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Five basic supplies needed to start an ice cream store

Five basic supplies needed to start an ice cream store

Written by Elite Sites

Starting your very own ice cream business will require a bit of planning so your business runs smoothly. Here are a few key items that you will need to purchase.

Cones, toppings, syrups, and dispensers – Most customers will want to customize their deserts and therefore will want the choice of a wide selection of toppings and syrups. Therefore, buy dispensers to hold toppings and whipped cream.

Soft serve supplies – Soft serve ice cream is a favorite and a good soft serve machine will ensure that you never run out.

Waffle cone supplies – Most ice cream stores make their own waffle cones. Therefore, you will need a waffle cone machine and additional molding equipment.

Storing and dipping supplies – To ensure your ice cream stays fresh and holds its texture it is important to invest in a good quality commercial freezer. Make sure you buy a freezer that has crocks to hold different flavors. If you intend to sell your ice cream in large qualities for at home use, it is a good idea to source a supplier who sells ice cream cups wholesale.

Serving supplies – You will have to invest in serving supplies to ensure that your customers can enjoy banana splits, sundaes, and other frozen treats. You can choose from glass, plastic and disposable containers depending on your budget and purpose. It is also best to buy tasting spoons to offer samples.