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Installing a Steel Front Door: What You Need to Know

Article written by Internet School Reviews

Steel doors are fairly common on homes these days. A steel door is fairly inexpensive, and it makes for a decent upgrade to any new home. It’s also commonly used in rental properties. As long as it’s maintained well, and hung properly, a steel door can last for many years. However, a steel door is not ideal for every situation.


Steel doors tend to have a fairly high insulation value, which is one of the greatest strengths it has to offer. You can paint over steel doors, and they are resistant to most forms of forced entry. They also won’t crack or bow, like wood.


Steel doors are highly resistant, but not impervious. Poorly maintained steel doors often suffer from paint cracking and chipping. If left unattended, this looks unattractive and decreases home value. Steel doors are also very plain in style. A steel door is functional, not beautiful. If your intention is to live, a steel door is an excellent choice. If your intention is to invest and add value, even fiberglass is better than steel.

Steel also conducts temperature, so your door feels exactly the way it feels outside.


Steel doors offer safety and decent insulation, just not very much else. A steel door is very functional in choice, and probably not what you want when you sell your home. First-time buyers with older front doors might opt for steel as a quick-fix replacement, but are they really saving money?

Before you install a steel door, consider the money you’re spending now and how you might put it towards a higher quality wood or fiberglass door.